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What is eBaim...

eBaim is an online payment system for anyone interested in selling or buying goods and services on the internet in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific region.

eBaim is very affordable, highly secure, fast and scalable. It aims to bring online services to the people by the service providers for greater convenience and entrepreneurship.

Why eBaim...

To fill a gap. The need for an online payment system that can cater for everyone.

It aims to provide a service to the business community, the public sector and individuals who want to provide an efficient online payment solution for customers both in the rural and city dwellings.

Prepaid cards...

eBaim even makes it possible for people without credit or debit cards to experience online shopping or payment.

It also aims to cater for the rural population so that they can participate in online entrepreneurship and ecommerce.

The opportunity for people to gain confidence in online payments.

You have one more reason to own a smart phone...

front Front view sample of an eBaim prepaid card.

How does eBaim work?

You need to register and open an eBaim account. Whether you are selling or buying, having an eBaim account will make it possible for you or your customers.

  • eBaim Prepaid Cards (K10, K20, K50, K100)
  • Visa Debit/Credit Cards
  • Request Topup

Shop online or make payments on a website with eBaim as your payment gateway.


Checkout or paying for your item is so easy and quick. eBaim stores your delivery address which means that you don't have to enter your details in every website you visit. But some websites might require minimal details such as your ebaim account number.

Overseas customers can open an eBaim account and purchase goods from PNG.

eBaim prepaid cards are coming to a store near you. Keep an eye out!

eBaim Prepaid Cards

eBaim Prepaid Cards are similar to your normal phone Flex or Topkad mobile phone prepaid cards. Only difference is that you don't use eBaim prepaid cards to recharge your phone credits but rather recharge or topup your eBaim account after you open one.

Debit/Credit Cards (Visa, American Express, MasterCard)

You can simply topup your eBaim account if you have a Visa Debit or Credit card. Same applys to MasterCard and American Express. You can topup your eBaim account from anywhere in the world.

Send/Request Topup

Don't have an eBaim Prepaid card or a Visa debit/credit card? You can Request from friends and family members to topup your eBaim account.

Visit these websites to experience ebaim payments...

eBaim can be seamlessly integrated into an existing website.

Paying Customers


For everyday customers you would need to open an eBaim account so that you can pay online while on the move or from the comforts of your home or office.

eBaim will endeavour to bring the rest of the world a little closer to you one step at a time.

Record Keeping

CSV Download...

Your transactions are recorded in your eBaim account as they happen. You can even download your transaction records in a CSV format for your own offline office or personal use.

A CSV (comma seperated values) is a file format that can be read by any device such as mobile phones, desktops or laptops.

Businesses or Stores

Selling a product or service...

  • Wholesale or Retail Industry
  • Speciality and Antique items
  • Health and Education
  • Hospitality and Catering Industry
  • Organic produce network
  • Airline and Travel Industry
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Utilities such as Water and Power bills
  • Coconut products
  • Tradestores...

The opportunity to connect with overseas suppliers and customers in Australia, the Pacific and the United States of America.

We take eCommerce seriously

eBaim comes with a delivery system that helps you to get your product quickly to your customers. Our tracking system in a phone app will ensure that items reach their destinations safely and on time. We deliver to Tradestores, your Office or to other provinces via Post Office.

Business or Personal Account

Open a Business Account if you want to sell your products or services online.
For everyday online shopping a Personal Account is all you need.


Become a partner and make eBaim work for your business, organisation, school, company or entrepreneurial idea.

About eBaim

eBaim is an online payment system designed to drive eCommerce in Papua New Guinea and across the Pacific.

eBaim provides an opportunity to connect your business to online customers both locally and overseas.


To serve a need within the Pacific region. A need for an online payment system that is both innovate and simple for customers, organisations and businesses.

One that caters for everyone and the desire to participate in eCommerce in a simple and modern way.

Partnership & Growth

Become a partner and together we can provide customers a unique experience. Together we will reach new boundaries and opportunities for growth.

eBaim is ready to grow with your business and customer demands. It has a powerful engine built with modern technology for a highly secure, fast and scalable system.

Engage us

Whatever your business, provide your customers the opportunity to engage with you anytime, anywhere.